Deyjah Harris has been an advocate for mental health in the past. Now, Harris has taken to social media to reveal some alarming information about herself, noting she self-harms because it helps to release anger. 

While on Instagram answering questions, a person asked Harris: “What was the purpose in making those cuts on ur arms? (not trying to be rude).” Harris gave an explanation, saying “So around 11-15[ ….] I was doing it because I was sad and numb in a way,” and noted things got worse for her around age 17 after her auntie Precious passed away. 

Harris continued saying, “I do it because I have a lot of anger to release basically lol.” She concluded by saying, “The short answer will be because it’s a way for me to release anger, or sometimes I’m numb, so I do it just to feel SOMETHING.” Take a look at her full response above.