A Las Vegas store owner was seen on video repeatedly stabbing a would-be robber who frightened him by jumping over the counter. 

The footage from Wednesday shows the brazen robbery attempt at store owner Johnny Nguyen's Smokestrom Smoke Shop. The assailant was stabbed a total of seven times before yelling out "I'm dead" and crashing to the floor. 

“I was scared for my life,” Nguyen said on Friday. “When they came in, one of them had a bag in front of him like he had a firearm or something. I didn’t have much time to think. I grabbed my knife right next to the register.”

“I remember him saying, ‘Please don’t let me die,'” Nguyen said. “He said he was sorry. By that point, he took off his mask himself. I was trying to get on the phone with the police when he was trying to talk to me. I just ran and wanted to make sure the police and ambulance would get here on time.”

Nguyen said police told him the robber was 17-years old. His condition remains unclear.

Source: Nypost.com