Disturbing video coming out of Florida shows an insurance agent shoving a partially clothed woman out of his car before shooting her in the head. 

Ron Donaldson, 43, is seen shoving Wendy Daniel, 25, out of his vehicle and into a fence before shooting her. As Daniel is slumped on a fence before Donaldson jumps back inside his vehicle and drives off. 

“I hope the man that killed her dies and goes to hell!” said Daniel's mother Tiffany WIlliams. “He didn’t have to do my daughter or no other girl like he has done in the past. And I hope he gets consecutive life sentences and I hope he dies! I hope somebody kills him!”

It's important to note, Donaldson has been suspected of at least five rapes in the Miami area before the death of Wendy Daniel. Authorities are continuing to uncover a potential motive and have yet to determine just how Donaldson and Daniel knew one another. 

Source: Nypost.com