Chicago is a proud city, although some may associate the Southside with the stigma of gang violence, the area has produced an abundance of highly influential individuals such as Michelle Obama, Kanye West, and Derrick Rose. Because of the impact their lives had on the residents and their families, slandering the Southside's homegrown stars is considered taboo, especially if it involves one of their deceased heroes like former high school basketball star Ben Wilson or the late King Von; a rapper who Rico Recklezz recently compared to Martin Luther King Jr. when he described the city's reaction to the news of his passing. Unfortunately, none of those guidelines apply to Charleston White, an outspoken outsider from Texas. The controversial influencer recently shared his thoughts about King Von's passing during a sit-down with DJ Akademiks podcast, Off the Record. Instead of focusing on King Von's legacy, artistry, and music career, the 52-year-old honed in on the deceased rapper's criminal record before making a rather shocking revelation to the interviewer.

"Let's look at his death, he had finally made it out of the Ghetto, he had just come home from beating murder cases, bruh," Charleston White said. "Let's look at how serious this is. There are murder cases on his file that he beat, he gets released because the witnesses come up dead. Black people! Nobody ever spoke about that. So, he gets released, and he becomes this megastar, rapping about his murders. What about his victims? What about their families, watching this man, who they think is a demon, reap the rewards for being a killer. What about those people? I'm thinking about those people. F*ck that idol! That idol is a demon! A self-proclaimed demon! N*gga I don't ride with demons...Everybody's siding with King Von, what about these victims, who nobody's shining the light on? So, these people are hurting, they don't have a voice...So, when I get the knowledge and the information that [King Von] is a killer and these are the victims--n*gga I don't give a damn about no killer who's bragging about killing people...So, when I look at King Von's circumstance, I don't say it's unfortunate, I say that was a man that worked hard to die..."

Scroll up and skip ahead to the 3:55 mark to watch Charleston White's full take on the late King Von.

Source: YouTube