Recently, Shaquille O’Neal’s son Shaqir O’Neal filed a trademark claim for his own name and likeness. Now, it appears Shaq’s company has blocked his son’s request for his own name. 

Documents that surfaced showed Shaq’s company Authentic Brand Group blocking his son’s trademark registration. Shaqir O’Neal is Shaq’s youngest son and is represented by Mine O Mine LLC. According to the paperwork, Shaqir O’Neal’s claim was denied because his name and his dad’s name are similar, which could cause confusion. 

Attorney Josh Gerben noted the issue is less of a personal one and more of an issue between both parties’ management companies. The lawyer went on to say Shaqir “Shaqir now has 40 days (from July 15) to file his Answer.” Gerben gave his take on the outcome via Twitter, saying, “So how is this case likely to play out? It should settle without any trial. In fact, I am shocked it got this far. There is almost no excuse for two companies that Shaq is involved with to end up in a court case against each other.” Take a look above.