YK Osiris made an appearance on ‘The Breakfast Club’ and spoke about his career so far, noting the highs and lows. The artist has gone viral numerous times, as he owed many rappers money for bets he made with them. One notable bet found him owing Drake $60,000. The loss of the bet found YK Osiris singing his hit song “Worth It” in Drake’s living room at the request of the rapper to get rid of his debt. Now, the singer has spoken about spending habits, noting he actually went broke after the success of “Worth It.”

While speaking about his finances, YK Osiris said, “I went broke so god damn quick, man. Three years ago, when 'Worth It' came out, man, I blew that money so god damn fast.” The singer noted he ran through a large amount of money so fast, as he gave his mom $250,000 before he spent $300,000 on clothes and another $300,000 on jewelry.

The singer said, “By the time my account say, 'this how much you owe,' I said, ’s**t.’ He then noted he owed up to $190,000 to the IRS, saying, “The money went so quick, bruh. When you don't have it, it's like you get it, you're mindset change so many things. You start buying so many things.”

Source: Hotnewhiphop.com