On Thursday, a 40-year-old woman driving a black Mercedes-Benz blazed a horrific trail through a red light and a series of vehicles, causing a firey car wreck that killed six people, including a pregnant woman and an infant. The horrific on-camera incident took place at the intersection of West Slausen and South La Brea Avenue in the city of Windsor Hills (about 10 miles away from Downtown Los Angeles) around 2 pm in front of several bystanders, many of whom witnessed the unthinkable, as black smoke from the fire filled the air in the wake of the devastation.

“All of the sudden, a baby literally flew from the middle of the intersection to the middle of the gas station and landed right on the floor in front of me,” said Veronica Esquival, an eye-witness who was pumping gas at a nearby Shell station. “One of the workers came and saw me with the baby and took the baby out of my hands. Somebody tried to resuscitate the baby, but the baby was gone.”

According to reports, the driver went about 50 miles per hour moments before the deadly collision. This is a notion that her friend directly attributes to a fight with her boyfriend and day-drinking at a get-together with comrades just before the incident.

"She was drinking, and she was not aware it was a red light cause she shot straight through," said a friend of the Mercedes driver.

Ironically enough, the driver who caused this incident is a nurse and is currently being hospitalized after having sustained major injuries. In total, nine people were injured in the massive car accident, and eight were taken to a medical center.

Source: Yahoo! News