Maino recently made an appearance on Math Hoffa’s podcast and spoke about a variety of topics. The rapper was asked about Keyshia Cole, and revealed the singer checked him over bars he rapped, claiming they had a sexual encounter. 

Maino said Cole pulled up on him in a club following the bars he rapped about her. “They had a DJ booth up in the sky, like, it was a DJ booth up there," said Maino. He continued saying, "And I was in there, same night. S**t is flying down on me... S**t is dropping down on me, n***a. This time, I was pretty active in the club. Puttin' n***as in comas over there, so s**t flyin', I'm like, 'Who the f**k playin' with me like that?!'"

The rapper noted he looked up and saw Cole, who acknowledged it was her throwing the lemons. Maino said Cole told him, “She was like, 'Yeah n***a, that's me!" She's like, 'Yeah, n***a! What the f**k is wrong with you? I got a n***a and you sayin' sh*t on records and all that, and you don't even know I'm a real b***h!’.” Maino noted he gained much respect for her following the encounter and that he and Cole became good friends, saying, “She checked me! Right then and there!.” Watch above.