Megan Thee Stallion aired out her frustrations online Thursday (August 4) night, as she wrote on her Instagram Stories about songs being leaked. This comes after Megan revealed that her next album is completed and the release of her singles "Pressurelicious" and "Plan B." 

Megan wrote in her Stories, "I can't catch a break my label hate me and my sh*t always leak [crying emoji] at this point invite the hotties to the studio and shoots." She added on Twitter, "Why continue to choose peace when everyone else choosing violence??? [thinking emoji]."

Megan continued her thoughts on Twitter, writing, "Lol I got money I PAY FOR ALOT OF MY OWNNNN SH*TTTTT I'll start from scratch bc I'm a mf hustler BABYYYY." She concluded, writing, "More sh*t [may] leak idk hotties lol idk but I really RAP so I can make MORE music any time…"