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Part 8: Spice 1 Reacts to Queen Latifah Saying She Took 2Pac to a Gay Club
Part 6: Spice 1 on Wrongly Predicting Suge would Beat Murder Case: Money Don't Buy Freedom
Part 1: Spice 1: The Same Type of N**** Who Shot 2Pac, Malcolm X & MLK Shot Nipsey Hussle


In this clip, Spice 1 started off stating that Snoop Dogg is the most recognizable rapper in the world, adding that Jay-Z is also up there. From there, Spice 1 reacted to news of Michael Jackson turning down a collaboration with 2Pac over his loyalty to Biggie. Spice 1 was blown away by the report, adding that Biggie once called him his favorite West Coast rapper prior to the 2Pac beef.

Interview by: Shawn Prez
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