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Part 25: Glen "Big Baby" Davis on Famed NYC Crip Blue Boy Doing Security at His Weed Store
Part 23: Glen "Big Baby" Davis: I'd Beat the S*** Outta Lamar Odom in Celebrity Boxing Match
Part 1: Glen "Big Baby" Davis: My Mom Dated Rick James, She was One of His "Thangs"


In this clip, Glen "Big Baby" Davis spoke about getting into stand-up comedy by doing open mics, and he revealed that he's never been booed. This led to a discussion about T.I.'s comedy career, as he was booed onstage, and Glen also addressed T.I. stepping to a comedian for joking about allegations surrounding the rapper. Glen joked about the allegations possibly being true if Tip got angry, and he stated that T.I. needs to work on his stand-up routine. To hear more, including Glen speaking about his cannabis business in NYC, hit the above clip.