Mase recently spoke about his falling out with Cam'ron while speaking to Gillie and Wallo on the "Million Dollaz Worth of Game" podcast, and Mase admitted that he was actually hurt over their beef. 

Mase explained, "When I got the money it just changed everything, but at first my problem with I think Cam was just that they thought I had money I didn’t have. Like I just told you I was flexing crazy, so n****s was like, ‘Yo, Murda ain’t sharing the bag.’ I never got the bag. Now that we looking back you can see he never got that bag, and then by the time I got the bag we was enemies already. So I didn’t get to break ’em off."

Mase continued, "That’s one of the relationships I regret. I think I got two that I regret, and going at Killa, I wanted to do that but that was like my n***a, you know what I’m saying? So that really hurt me."

Following the interview, Mase got on the phone with Cam'ron, and Mase's sister captured the moment in a video posted to her Instagram page. Mase can be heard asking Cam, "Killa what's good?!" You can check out the rest of the moment above.