It was announced last week that quarterback Deshaun Watson would be suspended six games for violating the NFL personal conduct policy. The ruling came as a result of an arbiter, retired federal judge Sue L. Robinson's decision, however, the league is reportedly appealing the decision in favor of a harsher penalty. 

“Under the 2020 NFL-NFLPA CBA, the factual findings of the Disciplinary Officer are binding and may not be appealed,” an NFL spokesperson said. “Judge Robinson found that Mr. Watson violated the NFL’s Personal Conduct Policy on multiple occasions and suspended him for six games.” 

“The CBA affords the NFL or NFLPA the right to appeal the discipline imposed by the Disciplinary Officer," the statement continued. 

According to the New York Post, "the NFL is believed to be pushing for an indefinite suspension that would be at least one year. Per ESPN, the league is also seeking a monetary fine, notable due to the structure of Watson’s five-year, fully-guaranteed $230 million contract with the Browns. Under Robinson’s ruling, Watson would only lose about $345,000."