Christopher Pullease, the former Sergeant of the Sunrise Police Department in the state of Florida, has officially been charged with four crimes, which include the high-profile assault and battery of one of his own police officers on duty. His shocking arrest stems from an occurrence back in November when he was trying to make an arrest of his own. According to reports, Pullease (47) and several police officers arrived on the scene just outside of a "Shop N Save" convenience store to apprehend a man for aggravated assault, and he reportedly hit a couple of citizens outside. The on-camera incident seemed to reach a boiling point when a clearly agitated Pullease threatened the suspect, who had already been handcuffed and placed in the back of a patrol car.

“Look at me, motherf*cker. You wanna play f*cking games? You wanna get disrespectful with my f*cking officers? I will remove your f*cking soul from your f*cking body,” Pullease said as he looked at his captor. 

Pullease's aggressiveness prompted a 28-year-old female police officer on hand to try to pull her Sergeant away from the suspect, a Black man who was already handcuffed, in an attempt to deescalate the situation. Unfortunately, this only added fuel to the Sergeant's proverbial fire, and he instantly turned his aggression towards his own subordinate.

“What the fuck, don’t ever fucking touch me again!” Shouted Pullease as he grabbed the female officer by the throat and walked her backward towards a patrol car. “Get the fuck off me.”

In the aftermath of Pullease's actions, an investigation of nearly seven months ensued, resulting in his arrest.  The police veteran of 21 years pleaded not guilty during his arraignment before bonding out of the Boward County Jail last week. He is hearing is set to get underway on September 8th. 

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Source: Yahoo! News