R. Kelly's sisters sat down with Good Morning Britain reporter Noel Phillips in New York to speak about their brother's recent 30-year sentence after he was convicted on multiple counts of racketeering and found in violation of an anti-sex trafficking law known as the Mann Act. 

During the interview, Lisa Kelly responded to questions about her brother being with underaged girls, stating, "I can say he may have been with younger women, but as far as underaged girls, no and I stress girls – underage girls. Who has seen that?"

Lisa then refused to acknowledge her brother's victims, stating, "I'm not going to acknowledge something that I don’t have the proof of. I believe that a lot of the alleged victims are bitter." She added, "He is not a monster. He is not a pedophile. The only victim I’ve seen who has been stolen from, lied on is Robert."

When Noel asked, "How can you sit here and say R Kelly is a victim? A lot of people will be confused," Lisa replied, "I just told you. I don’t care about people. I can only go by what I have seen, what I know, what I have experienced." 

Kelly's other sister claimed that his 30-year sentence was due to racism, which you can hear in full in the above interview.