A clip of a song called "Juicy Fruit" by an artist named "Notorious B1" is making the rounds online, as it has led to speculation about Biggie stealing Notorious B1's song, name, and flow. B1's song came out in 1993, a year before Biggie's hit song "Juicy," which is very similar to "Juicy Fruit." 

The track was previously uploaded to Dat Piff by B1, who seemingly addressed the similarities with the caption, "In 1993 i was signed to a small record label called Dragon Records in Gulfport Mississippi. I had a song that i wrote to Mtume called Juicy Fruit. I wrote the song to the actual record and it was called Big Daddy. Big Daddy was the lead single off the Mississippi Dough Boyz Album that was released in september 1993. It was released on the same day as Snoop Dog's first album Doggystyle.

"The dough boyz album was made by two Gulfport rappers Tilidie and myself, The Notorious Bigg One. (Notorious B1). Yeah I had the name and song first. I know it might be hard to believe but it is 100% the truth. We was on the radio first and in in the stores first. We sent packages to all the major Labels shopping for distribution. Just [imagine] my surprise when people started calling me saying they've just seen my video. We was trying to get the truth out back then but after B.i.g's death i decided to leave it alone out of respect. I'm not fat anymore and a lot has changed but before i leave this b*tch I want everybody to know the truth. I was the original Notorious Bigg One. #2Grams."