After securing his fourth title and first Finals MVP, the Golden State Warriors' Stephen Curry has been quite vocal about his team's core in NBA history. Recently, Steph opened up about a hypothetical matchup between his 2017 Warriors featuring KD and the 2001 Lakers featuring Shaq and Kobe. 

Needless to say, Curry picked his squad citing himself and Klay Thompson as presenting matchup problems for the Lakers' guards. But Shaq saw things differently as he reacted to the comments on his show, The Big Podcast With Shaq.

“My team that went 15 and 1, that’s the best team ever created,” Shaq said in reference to Steph's remarks. “I say we can win that, ‘cause who’s gonna guard me and Kobe, right? They say, obviously we feel like we can win, I don’t know who could guard Shaq but I don’t know who could guard me and Klay [Thompson] either, and three is better than two,” Shaq continued. “I’ma lay they ass out. Steph, Klay, and KD [Kevin Durant]. I’ma touch they ass all the way up. And you know who gonna have a lot of points? The center.” 

He also made the point that he'd make Draymond Green into barbeque chicken. “They gonna have to double me,” he added. “If they don’t dub me I’m going for 60 without the free throws. So that’s my rebuttal, and Steph you’re still my favorite player, I love you. But… That’s my rebuttal. Tell your lovely wife and the kids I say hello.”