A pregnant woman in Plano, Texas, was recently given a ticket for driving in the HOV lane despite her being the only person in her vehicle. However, the woman—Brandy Bottone, has argued that her unborn child should count as another person after the overturning of Roe V. Wade. 

Bottone says she told police, “No there’s two of us,” after police asked if there was another person in the car. Bottone detailed the exchange, saying, “And he said, ‘Well, where’s the other person.’ And I went, ‘right here.’” The cop told Bottone her unborn child doesn’t count, despite a current Texas penal code recognizing an unborn child as a person. 

The exchange, which Bottone says she plans to fight, has since gone viral. Since then, the woman has responded to the backlash she’s received. Bottone says people have been telling her to get an abortion based on her citing Roe V. Wade to fight the pending traffic ticket. The woman says she has stopped reading anything related to her story because it is “triggering.” Stay tuned for more updates.

Source: TMZ