Last Thursday, an unidentified woman visited her boyfriend, Tyson Tillman, on the fifth floor of his apartment building at Magnolia Avenue in uptown Chicago around 10:39 pm. Upon her arrival, she waited in the hallway just outside Tillman's front door. Little did she know her life was about to change forever as Tillman had a naked woman inside who he would forcibly toss out the window, sending her crashing down to an alleyway, where she died instantly. The victim's name was Tabitha Tanner; according to the medical examiner assigned to this case, the fall caused abrasions to her body, a broken tibia, and a fracture in her heart. When the cops arrived on the scene, Tillman's girlfriend was arrested, initially because of her closeness to Tillman and the fact that she was within close proximity to the violent incident, but she has yet to have been charged. Tillman, on the other hand, has been charged with first-degree murder. Surveillance video captured Tillman leaving his apartment shortly after he threw Tanner from the fifth floor of the building.  A separate video also shows him inspecting her body in the alleyway while wearing the same clothes in the previous clip. When detectives questioned Tillman about the incident, he initially described it as a fatal accident.

“The defendant indicated that the victim had come to his apartment, and they got into a physical altercation, and she fell out of the window and that her clothes were removed during the altercation,” said Assistant State’s Attorney James O'Connell.

This explanation may have sufficed because there is no footage of the occurrence. But that all changed when Tillman casually stated, “I threw the b*tch out the window,” during a phone call while he was in custody. The shocking revelation just so happened to be captured on camera by an officer nearby who was wearing his body cam. As a result, Tillman has made the prospect of having his murder charge overturned all the more difficult as the judge who presides over the case made it abundantly clear how she felt about the defendant when she denied his request for bail.

“Based on the violent nature of this offense, based on the callous manner it is alleged in which he admitted to this, I do find that there are no conditions I could impose to protect the community from further violent acts from Mr. Tillman,” said Judge Mary Marubio.

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Source: NBC Chicago