Months after declaring he was "struggling to make ends meet," Tekashi 6ix9ine appears poised to default on two lawsuits seeking hundreds of thousands of dollars over concerts that fell through.

What's more, in one of the suits, attorneys and a private investigator have filed public court papers exposing addresses connected to the controversial rapper, who famously testified against former friends in a racketeering case targeting the Nine Trey Bloods.

In both suits, 6ix9ine is accused of failing to perform after being paid for concerts, then making false statements trashing the people who paid him after the concerts fell through.

In recent court filings, the plaintiffs of both suits have asked a judge to find 6ix9ine is in default and grant judgments in their favor, writing that he has failed to respond to the suits months after being served with the claims. If a defendant in a lawsuit fails to respond in a timely manner, a judge can simply rule in the plaintiffs' favor and order damages to be paid.

In one of the suits, the entertainment companies Hits Before Fame LLC and After Hours LLC are seeking a total of $5.3 million from 6ix9ine, his former manager Shotti, and various booking companies and employees associated with the deal.

In the second suit, promoters Jaime Dominguez and JJD Entertainment claim they paid 6ix9ine more than $170,000 for a concert that never happened, and that he told TMZ they welched on their obligations to him, damaging the company's reputation.

In the first suit, attorneys for the plaintiff publicly filed a sworn statement by private investigator Michelle Abraham, which says that back in January she traveled to a multimillion-dollar mansion in a
gated community in Lake Worth, Florida and came face to face with 6ix9ine's mother.

Abraham wrote that 6ix9ine's mother told her "Danny" was not home but would be back later that day (6ix9ine's real name is Daniel Hernandez). She wrote that his mother called 6ix9ine, handed the phone to Abraham and that they spoke briefly. During the call, 6ix9ine said he didn't live there and that he resided in an apartment in Brooklyn, according to the document.

Abraham wrote that she believed 6ix9ine lied to her, adding that she noticed his "yellow custom Lamborghini was noted in the northwest corner of the driveway and his black Bentley with red leather interior was noted in front of the front door" of the home.

After receiving a reduced jail term and federal supervised release in exchange for his testimony in the Nine Trey Bloods case, 6ix9ine has said he turned down witness protection. But when his address was
publicly leaked two years ago, federal authorities had to assist in moving him to another location, according to a TMZ article from May 2020.

Four months ago, in a separate lawsuit, 6ix9ine wrote a declaration stating he was struggling to make ends meet and that his income had diminished since the days before he was indicted. However, he still
flashes cash, expensive cars, and other high-value items on social media on a regular basis.

If 6ix9ine is found in default in one or both of the suits, it will be up to the judge to determine how much he has to pay.

Story written by: Nate Gartrell