One of the two men accused of murdering Jam Master Jay at his Jamaica, Queens recording studio 20 years ago was also the suspect in the 1995 killing of Randy "Stretch" Walker, a rapper most famous for his longtime association with 2Pac. 

In fact, prosecutors allege they had three witnesses who could testify that Ronald "Tinard" Washington was the man who shot and killed Stretch during a Nov. 30, 1995 car chase in which Stretch's brother, Christopher "Majesty" Walker, was the intended target. They also claim to have identified a person who was inside the car with Washington when the shooting occurred, but say that person would have taken the Fifth if called to testify.

According to recent filings, authorities identified Washington as a possible suspect in Stretch's homicide in the early 2000s. Despite all this, he has never been charged. Prosecutors did raise the issue when arguing for a lengthy prison sentence for Washington in a federal robbery case in 2007, but a judge refused to consider it. 

Washington, along with Karl "Little D" Jordan, remain in federal custody on charges that they conspired to murder Jam Master Jay during a dispute over cocaine trafficking. Prosecutors allege Jay was involved with a major cocaine supplier in the midwest -- identified in media reports as a high-ranking Black Mafia Family member -- and had threatened to cut Washington out of a 10-kilogram cocaine deal three months before he was killed. 

Prosecutors have alleged that both men burst into Jay's recording studio armed with pistols, and that Washington ordered everyone to the ground and "provided cover" while Jordan murdered the legendary DJ. The defense has countered that the prosecution's case is hampered by unreliable witnesses, the 18-year delay between the crime and the indictment, and that Jordan has an alibi for the homicide. 

The trial is scheduled for February 2023, court records show. 

But in pretrial motions over witness statements, a defense request to try Jordan and Washington separately, and arguments over Jordan's possible alibi, details of Stretch's killing have surfaced again. It has long been one of hip-hop's most mysterious unsolved homicides, with rank speculation that it was somehow tied in with the 1994 robbery and shooting of 2Pac and the subsequent dissolvement of 2Pac and Stretch's friendship. 

But in court documents, prosecutors contend that Washington had a longtime feud with a gang known as the Young Guns, whose membership included Stretch's brother, Majesty. Authorities allege that Washington was part of a gang known as the Hollis Juniors Crew that rivaled with the Young Guns, and that Washington's brother was murdered as part of the rivalry. 

A little after midnight on Nov. 30, 1995, Washington and two others allegedly chased down and shot Stretch inside a minivan at 12th Avenue and 209th Street in Queens Village. In a court filing, prosecutors wrote, "At the time, (Washington) believed that he was firing at Young Guns member (Majesty), (Stretch's) brother."

Majesty and Stretch were part of a rap group known as the Live Squad. After his brother's death, Majesty started Grand Imperial Records with E-Money Bags, who was shot and killed in 2001 allegedly at the order of Kenneth "Supreme" McGriff.

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Written by: Nate Gartrell