Rapper Hotboii took to Instagram on Thursday (June 30) to share a video of a prayer circle, and he revealed that he's turning himself over to police. 

This comes after Hotboii was one of 34 people arrested in a racketeering case along with fellow Orlando rapper 9lokkNine last July. The 9-month investigation was dubbed "Operation X-Force," and it named 9lokkNine as one of the leaders of the Army Gang which was at odds with 438 Gang. The investigation seemed to have been sparked amid ongoing violence between the two gangs, which resulted in the death of an innocent bystander, 16-year-old Tavyiah King, who was the niece of Orlando City Commissioner Regina Hill.


Orange County Sheriff John Mina stated, "The ongoing feud that has been going back and forth between these gangs has been responsible for over 30 shootings and several homicides in a number of our jurisdictions."