When it comes to the NBA's beloved "Banana Boat Crew," which consists of LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, Chris Paul, and Carmelo Anthony, the latter is the only one who still appears to be enjoying the life of bachelorhood. After divorcing LaLa Anthony, back in 2017, due to his alleged unfaithfulness, the all-time leading scorer in the history of USA Men's Olympic basketball is rumored to have been romantically linked to strippers, as well as celebrities such as Kat Stacks, and Sheneka Adams. Recently, another famous former lover of Carmelo Anthony named Yasmine Lopez, opened up about her romantic experience with the NBA great, by casually admitting that he was gifting other women with the same presents he was giving her, while they were together. The 23-year-old from Charlotte made the revelation during a Q&A session on her YouTube channel, where she opened the floor for questions from her fans. As Lopez read her fans questions from her phone, one of her supporters asked.

"Did you ever date Carmelo Anthony or was that just a rumor?"

To that Lopez responded by saying, "[Carmelo] was my man. The flowers was real that he sent me and somebody else's flowers...I was literally sitting next to him in the bed and I'm like: Yo who sent these flowers bro? That was my most embarrassing moment, at the time I was so upset about it and it hurt my feelings but now I can look at it and laugh. It's actually funny to me what happened."

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Source: Instagram.