An anonymous woman named Lisa recently posted a video online, of a man who fathers one of her children, approaching her doorstep with a bag of McDonald's. Although she is not visible in the footage, the audio depicts her offering up a scathing critique about what she views as his lack of apathy for her and all the other children, considering that she is accusing him of routinely showing up at her home with one meal, for the one kid that he shares with her; while ignoring the other children that she has had with other men. The dialogue that followed, between the two parents, has since gone viral while also sparking numerous debates all over social media about the duties of parents, the boundaries of co-parenting, womanhood, and manhood. 

"You know I don't get my food stamps until the seventh," Lisa exclaimed.

"Lisa, how the f*ck is that my problem?" Responded the baby daddy.

"If you're trying to help out though...You're not helping out!" Lisa replied.

"I'm not trying to help out...I'm trying to help my son, my kid!" He responded.

"But how are you helping your son, when you're only getting food for just him and not the other kids, his siblings?" Lisa argued.

As the argument continued, both sides made some interesting points about a father's responsibility for his child and a mother's obligation to every child under her roof. To watch the video, scroll up and press play.

Source: Instagram