Maino and Jim Jones, aka Lobby Boyz, recently sat down with The Breakfast Club, where they shared their thoughts on lyrics being used in the YSL RICO case involving Young Thug and Gunna. 

Around the 17:14 mark in the above video, DJ Envy asked Maino and Jim about some rappers laying out their crimes in their songs, which are later used against them in court. This led to a discussion about prosecutors stating that they will use Gunna and Young Thug's lyrics in their trial. 

Maino then explained, "When you rappin', you rappin' from a perspective. I say all kind of crazy sh*t sometimes when I rap... I say, 'Yo, woke up in the shade room, shorty took me home, I licked her p*ssy in her kid's room.’ I never did it." Maino added, "It’s just a bar. It shouldn’t be literal," he added. “It shouldn’t be taken out of context as it being so literal. Some of these are just bars. We sayin' things that come from things we might have seen."

Jim went on to add that actors aren't being arrested for murders that they did in their movies, which led him to question why should rappers have their art used against them in court. You can hear more of the discussion above.