It seems like just yesterday when Steph Curry's toddler, Riley, landed squarely on the radar of the American public during the 2015 NBA Finals. The charismatic little girl quickly became a media darling, once her father made her a part of his post-game interview routine. Riley seized several moments by interrupting her Dad's press conferences and with lively gestures and singing songs while he was trying to talk, such as "Blessings" by Big Sean. It's been nearly seven years since Riley captured the attention of American sports fans, and now it appears as though she's getting old enough to capture the hearts of adoring fans within the elementary school-age demographic. 

The Golden State Warriors recently commemorated their fourth championship in six years, with a celebratory parade through the streets of San Francisco. While most of the attention was on Steph Curry for leading his team back to the promised land and claiming his first-ever NBA Finals MVP, there was a young spectator amongst the onlookers on the street whose attention was focused solely on his eight-year-old daughter, Riley. As the Curry family made their way down the street on their own parade float, Riley couldn't help but notice a youthful Warriors fan, who appeared to be around her age, holding up a sign in her direction that read, "Will you let her marry me?" The sign also had a picture of Riley on it, so it was very clear to who the fan who directing his affection to. 

To that, Riley nudged her Mom, Ayesha, and whispered in her ear before looking over at the young Warriors fan and waving at him with a smile. Scroll up and press play to watch the video.

Source: Instagram