Update 06/21/2022 2:57pm:

The life of Delone West has resembled that of a rollercoaster ride, over the course of the past decade-plus. The former first-round draft pick of the Boston Celtics has gone from being a significant role player on a championship contender in Cleveland to being rumored to have had an affair with LeBron James's mother, Gloria. But in more recent years, West has become more known for appearing in a series of candid videos as a panhandler. The most recent video was perhaps the most disheartening was the most recent video of West standing on a sidewalk, looking unkempt and asking for money, that's because Mark Cuban recently offered the former NBA player a helping hand along with the higher-ups at the BIG3 basketball. Nevertheless, the 38-year-old remains in high spirits and when Imagine Direct caught up with him to ask about his current living situation, West indicated that things were looking better as he continues to look for steady employment.

"It is what it is," West said. I got children. I'm in between jobs. People can help me as much as they can, but you know, as a man I gotta do what I gotta do for my babies...I was actually looking forward to being a head coach or assistant coach in the NBA this season but like I said, it's a business that have a lot of people involved and wanna stay involved...Prayerfully, luckily I'll be up for discussion this upcoming season."

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Source: TMZ

Original 06/12/2022 4:31pm:

Earlier this year, Delonte West opened up about making a basketball comeback after he was seen trying out for the Big3. West was candid about what happened with him, saying, “It's important really to be honest about how you feel physically and what you're capable to do. I lost some weight so I actually feel a little more athletic. I can jump a little higher now.” Since then, it appears West may have experienced a setback because the former NBA player was spotted asking for money while on the side of the road. 

West was reportedly spotted in Alexandria, Virginia, asking people for money while holding up what appears to be a sign. A person recording West pulled up to him and asked, “Delonte, what's going on, my brother,” ahead of shaking the former NBA baller’s hand. West responded by saying, “What's going on? You got a few dollars?” News of this comes after West reportedly went to a rehabilitation center in Florida. Watch above.