Customers at a Yard House Restaurant in Boca Raton, Florida recently witnessed a terrifying incident on camera where an 87-pound pitbull named Don, brutally attacked a toy poodle named Elvis while it was sitting in a stroller next to its owner. According to reports, the pit bull suddenly lunged toward the small dog, upon being temporarily released from his leash by its owner, Robert Garcia, so that he could reposition the dog near a wall. In doing so, Garcia inadvertently provided the pit bull with a slight window of opportunity to go on the attack and when it did, all hell broke loose, amid panic and screams.

"Oh my god! Oh my god!" Yelled several onlookers, as the pit bull swung the small poodle from its mouth like a rag doll.

The pit bull's owner and another unidentified man desperately tried to get the pit bull to relinquish its hold, during the fiasco. One of the men could even be seen kicking the pitbull several times, which didn't appear to faze the dog at all. The men finally freed the toy poodle from the vicious clamps of the pitbull, but unfortunately, it lost both of its ears in the attack.

"Robert lost control of his dog and immediately ran toward the toy poodle, which was sitting in a mobile dog cart," said the Bocan Raton Police Department in a statement. "He witnessed the dogs fighting for approximately 20 seconds and was ultimately able to separate the dogs. He immediately placed his dog on the leash and secured him in his vehicle."

Shortly after the police arrived, they informed Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control about the violent occurrence involving the dogs. With law enforcement getting involved this becomes somewhat of a dilemma for the owner of the pit bull because while dogs are allowed in various restaurants throughout Palm Beach County, Garica and his pitbull actually reside in Hialeah, which is located in Miami-Dade County, a place where Pitbulls are banned. Therefore, it is possible that the pitbull could be euthanized. That determination will be made by Miami-Dade County Animal Control.

Source: Boca News Now