Ciara recently spoke about her journey as an artist and gaining a sense of freedom through acquiring the masters for her music. During an interview on ABC News for ‘Sound of Freedom - A Juneteenth Celebration,’ Ciara spoke candidly about getting masters after her label reportedly didn’t believe in her new music. 

The artist went on to say, “I had this song called 'Level Up,' I had the video for the song as well. I had a whole vision for my project. I sat down, and I talked to the CEO at that time. It was like, he made up his mind before I came into the room. He wasn't checking for it.” From there, Ciara said she decided to ask for her masters and become independent under her own label. “Amazingly enough, they gave me my masters. They gave them to me for free! So, it lets you know they didn't believe at all... It was that easy and I was ready,” said the singer. Take a look above.