Earlier this year, Ari Lennox said she wanted to be dropped from her record label. The news followed an odd interview where she was asked if someone was “f**king her good right now.” Since then, Lennox has pushed on and continued to tour and create. Now, the singer revealed her fear of flying has put a halt on some of the shows she is willing to do. 

Via social media, Lennox posted a message saying, “For my mental health and my sanity, I will not be doing any shows that require me to fly. I can not keep torturing myself with this huge fear of mine. It is literally destroying my health. Enough is enough.” 

Lennox continued, “I’m so sorry to all inconvenienced by this. Don’t know what this will mean for my career, but I just can’t do it.” She concluded by saying, “If there's any peers or anyone out there who knows of a great hypnotherapist, therapist, and/or fear of flying solutions I would be so grateful.” Take a look above.