Two years ago, the former CEO at Amazon México, Juan Carlos Garcia, allegedly paid a pair of hitmen $9,000 (180,000 Mexican pesos) to take out his ex-wife Abril Pérez Sagaón before a hearing in their high-profile divorce case. The murderous plan was executed in Mexico City when a motorcyclist tracked down Sagaón and shot her in the head, right in front of her lawyer, and her two children. Coincidentally, this tragic event happened on the International Day of Violence Against Women.

Immediately following the brutal attack, photos surfaced of Sagaón's blood-soaked face all over social media, this sparked outrage nationwide as a manhunt for Juan Carlos Garcia quickly ensued. But nonetheless, he remains at large. As of now, a warrant for his arrest, regarding this matter has been issued in over 190 countries. 

One of the hitmen whom Garcia allegedly hired for the brutal murder of Sagaón recently testified about the incident during a trial in a Mexico City courtroom. Not only did he confirm his hiring for the slaying but he also alleges that Garcia offered him an extra $2,500 (50,000 Mexican pesos) to kill his ex-wife before a very significant hearing date in their divorce case. 

According to reports, Garcia fled his native country of Mexico and entered the United States on foot (via a checkpoint in San Diego), shortly after the murder of his ex-wife. Despite several reports of spousal abuse and claims that he attempted to kill his wife multiple times before the aforementioned incident, the former businessman at Amazon México maintains his innocence. He illustrated that notion in a letter to Mexico City officials back in 2019. 

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Source: IBT Times