Jemele Hill opened up about her time with ESPN, where she co-hosted "His & Hers with Michael Smith," and she revealed that she was paid $200,000 less that Smith for the same job. 

While speaking to "Assets Over Liabilities," Jemele explained, "I was making $200,000 less than him even though we were doing the same job. It’s not so much about what you’re worth, it’s about what you will negotiate. I started at ESPN at such a low salary to begin with. One of those, We’ll see how it works kind of contracts. A 2-and-2 contract: two-year deal with a two-year option, one of the worst contracts I ever signed." 

Hill went on to explain that she made $120,000 her first year, and given that she was an independent contractor, she had to pay her own taxes and insurance. She added, "The thing about 'SportsCenter,' it was never my dream job, so it was easy to walk away. That's because I was unhappy. I didn't like the job. I didn't like some of the things they were doing to our show, I didn't like the leadership that was in charge of our show so I was like, 'Let me find something else within the company to do."