Recently, a tragic school shooting occurred in Uvalde, Texas, at Robb Elementary School. Since then, news related to the shooting has surfaced, and Texas Governor Greg Abbott praised police, saying the Uvalde shooting “could have been worse.” However, police have since then addressed their lack of response to the shooting. The remarks by Abbott have found people voicing opinions on the governor, and now footage that surfaced showed him feeling the wrath of the people. 

A crowd of onlookers was present outside of Robb Elementary School this past Sunday, as many were there for the memorial of the lost students and adults. Governor Abbott appeared at the vigil and was swiftly booed by the onlookers. Many yelled out their issues with Abbott, with one person saying, “Please Gov. Abbott help Uvalde county.” Another person shouted, “We need change! We need change, governor!” Watch above. 

source: The Hill