Gervonta "Tank" Davis is set to take on Rolando Romero on Saturday, May 28 after the two have been going back-and-forth for the past few years. 

The animosity between the two boiled over on Friday during the weigh-in when Davis decided to push Romero off the stage. Romero attempts to confront Davis after regaining his balance before jumping back on stage but is held back as people on stage tried to keep the two fighters from getting to one another. 

When asked about what happened in the post-weigh-in interview, Davis said “I just hit him, like, on the edge of the stage. I just pushed him, like, to get in his head. He talks too much.” 

Romero also spoke after the weigh-in and said, “Motherf*cker pushed me, as simple as that.” “He’s scared! He’s afraid, I’m a f*ckin’ alpha compared to him. He’s a b*tch for that. He could have f*cked up the fight, I could have twisted an ankle or some sh*t. But I got some crazy-ass reflexes.”