Update 05/24/2022 9:40am:

An extended video of Chicago rapper 600 Breezy confronting Charleston White has made its way online. The video shows Charleston engaging in a conversation with 600 Breezy, as he speaks about his beliefs and why he can't support anything that he deems to be anti-Black.

At one point in the video, 600 Breezy can be heard telling Charleston that he's a liar, to which Charleston responds affirmatively, leading to laughs from other people in the room. Charleston went on to state that he has frequently stated in his videos that he lies to people online, and he added that when he was gang-affiliated, he would fight instead of shooting at other Black people.

Before the video cuts off, Charleston explained to 600 Breezy that he's against anything that's hurting Black people, including gangs, rap music, and white people. When 600 Breezy calls Charleston an "entertainer," Charleston tells him, "Well, let me entertain and quit talking to me." 

After the video surfaced online, Charleston addressed it in a video, where he revealed that he was ready to call the police on 600 Breezy for threatening him. 

Original 05/23/2022 5:01pm:

Charleston White has been an outspoken critic of gangs and rappers who he feels like glorify the lifestyle, including late rappers like Nipsey Hussle and King Von. Charleston stirred controversy recently by calling King Von a "demon," which led to Chicago rapper 600 Breezy confronting him. 

After video of the confrontation surfaced, Charleston White took to social media, where he revealed that he was ready to call the police on 600 Breezy for threatening him. Charleston told viewers that he's not going to deny that 600 Breezy "checked" him, and he added that he didn't think that Breezy was going to fight with all of his chains. You can check out his full statement above.