Jack Harlow recently made an appearance on Hot 97, and while speaking to Ebro, the rapper made it clear he didn’t know Brandy and her brother Ray J were actually siblings. Along with that, Harlow noted he didn’t recognize Brandy’s voice when “Angel in Disguise” played while at the station, with the rapper guessing “Aaliyah?” Ebro went on to give Harlow a heads-up about how the vocalist may be, saying her brother “had an amazing sex tape,” prompting Harlow to pause and say, “Who’s Ray J's sister?” 

Since then, India Arie has taken to social media to call out Harlow and held no punches. “Just because you make black [music] doesn’t mean you know black culture,” said Arie. She continued saying, “If U dont know Brandy's voice when you hear it .... WHO EVEN ARE YOU?”

Another part of her calling out Harlow led to the singer saying, “When an ACTUAL MUSICIAN! WHO MAKES BLACK MUSIC! Deduces ones of the industries MOST IMPORTANT VOICES! @brandy To Ray Jays SISTER who is famous (mostly) for his Proximity to Kim Kardashians.” This comes after Arie previously called out Joe Rogan for his consistent usage of the n-word on his show, in a video that went viral. Take a look at Arie’s complete statement above.