A former Sheriff Deputy named Landon Earl Rankin recently pulled off a string of heists in the Arizona area before finally being brought to justice by his former brethren in law enforcement. According to reports, the 54-year-old devised a plan in which he disguised himself as a wedding guest, showed up at various weddings throughout the East Valley region of Arizona, and allegedly stole a litany of gifts that were intended for the newly married couples.

Rankin's schemes were so successful that they resulted in the theft of items worth thousands of dollars at nearly 11 different weddings. Unfortunately for the ex-Sheriff deputy, he did not take into account the surveillance cameras that captured images of him fleeing from a wedding with stolen goods in tow. This evidence undoubtedly helped investigators put Rakin behind bars on suspicion of two counts of burglary.

After Rankin was apprehended by the Chandler Police Department, he stated that the only reason he attended a bunch of random weddings that he wasn't invited to is "because he was going through a divorce." Police have since asked for other victims in the area who share similar stories to step forward in order to help their case against Rakin.

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Source: Fox News