Dave Chappelle’s Hollywood Bowl set for the Netflix Is a Joke Festival went viral, but ultimately for an incident that found an attacker lunging at Chappelle with a weapon. The attacker—Isaiah Lee, was able to tackle Chappelle before running off and being captured by a group of people. As a result, Lee reportedly was carried out on a stretcher, with his arm visibly broken and lumps and bruises on his face. 

Many thought the set would be available to see on the platform following the melee. However, according to reports, Netflix won’t be using any of the footage. The decision to pass on putting out Chappelle’s set had nothing to do with Lee running up on the comedian. Netflix reportedly didn’t have plans on airing Chappelle’s set, and no cameras were present. They went on to say Chappelle filmed his set, but only to revisit the material he was testing. ‘The Hollywood Reporter’ said it was speculated that more professional footage of Lee storming the stage may be used in the investigation. Stay tuned for more updates. 

source: Hollywood Reporter