A drug dealer from Detroit named Marcellus Cornwell has been receiving high praise over the course of the past few days for the innovative way in which he presented his product to the public. Instead of selling drugs on the corner or through various trafficking schemes, he simply created a vending machine and attached it to the side of his house.

But, this wasn't just any vending machine. The vending machine featured a navigation system complete with a touch screen, anime characters, a voice command option, and a slew of drugs for its paying customers. The machine even accepted credit card payments along with Apple Pay.

According to reports, the 46-year-old drug dealer raked in nearly $2,000 per day with his vending machine for nearly four years until the popularity of his business model landed him on the radar of the ATF (The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms). Cornell also profited off of selling firearms out of his home to the locals. Once the government finally caught wind of Cornwell's activity, they arrested him, but not before tipping their hat to their captor for his out-of-the-box approach to business.

"Entrepreneurial at best," said a representative from the ATF. "Unfortunately both things were illegal...[If] you do this stuff inside a neighborhood, people are going to take notice and they're going to get mad."

During their raid of Cornwell's residence, ATF agents recovered 18 firearms, several rounds of ammunition, and a plethora of suspected marijuana. Cornwell has since been released on bond.

Source: Detroit Free Press