Snoop Dogg recently sat down for an episode of the "Full Send Podcast," where he spoke about his NFT business ventures, including wanting Death Row to be an NFT label. 

Snoop explained his plans for Death Row, including how his plans will allow artists to get on a song with him if he releases a verse as an NFT. Around the 21:09-mark, Snoop is asked how much it costs to get him on a song, and he revealed that it costs $250,000. Snoop then added, "You’ll get about 16 bars. And when it’s time to do the video, I need to get another $250,000 up out of you. And you only got an hour so get to filming." 

Snoop then clarified that people who are like family to him do not get charged, along with newer artists. He also pointed out that he's helped rising artists by featuring their songs on his social media. You can hear more above.