Over the last few years, Tyler, the Creator and DJ Khaled have exchanged words after Khaled said people were playing his music everywhere as opposed to “mysterious s**t,” which was allegedly in reference to Tyler’s ‘IGOR’ album. Tyler never forgot the words said by Khaled, which caused him to troll the DJ every chance he could. Recently, Tyler won a Grammy for Best Rap Album, and took to social media afterward to thank a variety of people, while seemingly trolling Khaled once again. 

Tyler thanked DJ Drama to start off, then said “Thank you to all of my friends for being my cheerleaders. Thank you to my whole team, the whole squad.” From there, he aimed his thoughts at Khaled, saying “I know you’re seething and angry and [saying], ‘Ugh, no one listens to that album!’ These arena tours that are selling out say different, and if you put that much energy into something, maybe everyone will be proud of you too.” Take a look at his speech above.