Previously, OJ Simpson made headlines after speaking on the Chris Rock and Will Smith incident. OJ went on to say what he would’ve done if Smith slapped him. The former NFL player went on to say he gets Smith’s emotions but doesn’t condone the actions. Along with that, OJ said he would be facing life without parole if Smith did that to him. Now, Simpson has been spotted on social media, this time with a group of young white women talking to him. 

In video footage that surfaced, a group of young girls could be seen walking into a room to wake up a person who was wrapped in a blanket. While the girls made noise to wake the person up, the camera focused, and the person in the blanket appeared to be OJ Simpson. As he slowly got up from the noise, it seemed that Simpson was naked before the camera moved back into another room filled with more women. Take a look at the odd video above.