Following the Lakers' loss against the Mavericks on Tuesday (March 29) night, Russell Westbrook faced reporters, including Brad Turner of the L.A. Times. After the Lakers' third-straight loss led them to fall out of a spot in the play-in tournament, Turner asked Westbrook, "What changes going forward?" 

Westbrook responded to Turner, stating, "Nothing, man, nothing." He then added that the Lakers still have games to play, and Westbrook asked Turner, "What do you think should change?" Turner then stated, "Winning," which appeared to annoy Westbrook.

The two men then had a back and forth, which included Turner telling Westbrook that he didn't have any answers for winning, but he added that Russell should since he's out on the court playing. Westbrook then broke the tension by asking the other reporters in the room if they had filmed the interaction, which you can check out in full above.