During a Q&A session on Twitter, Chris Rock's younger brother Tony Rock fielded questions about the incident involving his sibiling and Will Smith at the Oscars over the weekend. 

When a Twitter user asked Rock whether he accepted the apology, Tony simply replied, "No." Asked by another if they were planning to "fight fire with fire" or take "the professional route," Rock responded, "It's on bro." 

He also said that "Mama Rock" hits harder when asked who packs a stronger punch, or slap in this case, Jada or Will. Tony also dispelled the rumors that this entire thing was somehow fake. 

While hearing from Tony can possibly clue audiences into what or how Chris might be thinking of this ordeal but the comedic legend has yet to make any public statements regarding Sunday night. However, he's set to go on his comedy tour and has already seen a spike in ticket sales following the slap. 

Source: instagram.com