Music artist Theophilus London claimed he confronted DL Hughley this past weekend over the comedian's online feud with Kanye West.

London -- who's one of Kanye's closest collaborators -- posted a photo of the alleged confrontation, claiming he pressed Hughley at Nobu and demanded an apology from one of the "Kings of Comedy." In his Instagram Story post, London also claimed security was called as a result of the interaction.

"Lmao. I told him to apologize on camera for doing that dumb Vlad interview and his people called security," London wrote in his post.

Despite London's claims, VladTV has exclusively learned from DL Hughley that no serious confrontation occurred but rather a brief exchange of words. According to the comedian and actor, he was having dinner with his family when he noticed London kept walking past his table and wasn't eating.

When Hughley went to the bathroom, he says he spotted London taking selfies in the mirror. As the radio host started using the bathroom, London said, "What's up OG?" before bringing up DL's back-and-forth with Kanye West.

According to DL, the conversation was very brief with London telling him he needed to "make it right" with Kanye to which Hughley responded, "[Kanye West] needs to make it right!"

Hughley says the conversation ended after that and London exited the bathroom. The comedian said he was surprised to continue his night and later find out that stories were circulating about him being "pressed." Hughley was also unaware of the photo London took and pointed out that it was Nobu's security who intervened and not his own.