A Pennsylvania couple is facing felony charges for hiding overnight in a Chester County Target store and filming themselves for their YouTube channel. 

25-year-old Johnson Larose and 24-year-old Charlotte Fischer are facing third-degree criminal trespassing charges after police say they tripped an alarm that alerted them to the Target. Police found no one inside of the store, but the following day, Target employees found surveillance footage of Larose and Fischer walking around the store with their phones. 

Police were stumped on the motive for Larose and Fischer being in the store, as they didn't take anything. However, the couple's YouTube page provided more information, as Larose and Fischer shared a video titled "24 Hour Overnight Challenge in Target" of them building a fort inside of Target and then wandering around the closed store. 

In the video, the couple claimed they stayed in Target overnight. However, police say that they left through an emergency exit at 3 am, which tripped the alarm, and they returned at 8 am to finish the video. 

After their arrest, the couple was released on $25,000 unsecured bail and have been banned from Target stores across the Keystone State.