A Cleveland schoolteacher is under fire after she accidentally AirDropped her sex tape to roughly 200 students. 

The incident occurred on Feb 7 at Ginn Academy, an all-boys school located in East Cleveland. According to authorities, the sex tape was stored on the teacher's phone and was somehow AirDropped to hundreds of students who began circulating the tape. 

“If somebody were to have access to an unattended phone, its fairly easy to capture someone’s passcode,” said Alex Hamerstone of TrustedSec Cyber Security. “If someone has bad intentions, the first thing they’ll do when they get access to your phone is look through your pictures, look to see if you have a private folder and see what’s in there, or look at text messages and try to find something inappropriate.”

The Cleveland Police Sex Crimes Unit is currently investigating the matter while the Cleveland Metropolitan School District has placed the teacher on paid leave. 

“Our collective bargaining agreement with the district provides for a process that protects our members, the district, and students when accusations are made involving members,” the Cleveland Teachers Union said in a statement. “We will work with our member and the district through this process.”

Source: youtube.com