Sean "Diddy" Combs' former bodyguard, Gene Deal, has had no problem detailing his experiences with the rap mogul. In a recent sit-down with The Art of Dialogue, the ex-bodyguard recalled the East Coast vs. West Coast feud. While 2Pac famously talked about an alleged encounter with one Bad Boy artist's woman, Deal talked about an encounter Diddy had with Pac's fiancée.

According to Deal, Diddy was at an award show expecting to receive an award for "Producer of the Year." He claimed Diddy took one of the pitchers at their table and urinated it in it underneath the table. Afterward, Gene said 2Pac's fiancée, Kidada Jones -- who is also Quincy Jones' daughter -- came to the table and started chatting with Diddy.

"She was talking to Puff and then next thing you know, she reached over to the pitcher and poured her a glass of...ginger-pee," Deal said. "She was about to drink it and [Diddy's bodyguard] Wolf stopped her from doing it."

After highlighting that Jones was involved in the Vibe party, where Biggie was murdered, the interviewer asked if Diddy was really going to let Jones drink his urine. Deal confirmed that Diddy and himself were going to let her drink out of the pitcher and Wolf only intervened because he knew her. Deal also claimed Diddy was aware Jones was dating 2Pac at the time.

To hear more on the alleged incident, as well as Diddy having an opportunity to squash the beef between 2Pac and Biggie behind the scenes, check out the clip above.

Source: The Art of Dialogue