Drake previously was dealing with an alleged stalker who tried to break into his Los Angeles home in 2017. Since then, the rapper has resolved a $4 billion lawsuit with the woman, where she accused Drake of doxxing her and referring to her on songs, which Drake has denied. Drake noted he’s only familiar with the alleged stalker Mesha Collins because she broke into his crib. A judge dismissed Collins’ suit, but now it appears the woman has filed a restraining order against Drake. 

Lawyers for the Canadian rapper say all of the suits and legal filings are a way for Collins to attempt direct contact with the star rapper. The woman asked to speak with Drake directly but was denied. As a result, Collins filed a restraining order against Drake, which arrived days after her $4 billion suit was dismissed for a second time. 

As of now, a hearing has been scheduled for next month. Stay tuned for more updates. 

source: Radar Online