In a world where celebrities like Kanye West, Soulja Boy, Lizzo, and Brittany Renner have practically turned the act of posting attention-grabbing content on social media into an art form, Draya Michelle has managed to carve a niche for herself using similar tactics. When the 37-year-old model shares images of her chiseled body on social media, they often trend for various reasons. Her body is becoming its own meme in a fashion that is very similar to Teyana Taylor.

On Saturday, when Draya posted a photo of herself sporting a bikini, not only did the image go viral but it prompted fans to speculate whether or not she had a Brazilian butt-lift. Therefore, hours later an emboldened Draya upped the ante by tweeting that any woman who gazed upon her lastest content, might have to question their sexuality going forward.

"Some of you ladies done figured out yesterday that you’re a lil bit gay and that’s ok!” Draya wrote.

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